140-Year-Old Analytical Instrument Giant Shimadzu Joins Hands With The Forensic Experts Group To Fight Against Crime And Terrorism In APAC

Singapore, 17th September 2015: Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, a leader in providing analytical solutions, scientific equipment, testing machines, balances and medical equipment, has signed a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Forensic Experts Group, Singapore, to launch their co-operation in training and development to enhance the awareness of forensic science in the region. The three-year agreement, which will see the two giant organisations take their two-decade-old relationship to the next level of collaboration, is further subject to extension for another three years.

According to the MoU, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd will ensure that The Forensic Experts Group is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and accessories such as FTIR-IR Tracer with Microscope, LCMS-IT-TOF Mass Spectrometer with UHPLC, LCMS Mass Spectrometer with UHPLC, GCMS/MS Mass Spectrometer, and GCMS Mass Spectrometer to The Forensic Experts Group to enable them to conduct the cutting edge training programme. Interestingly the MS technology featured in these instruments are at the heart of MS research developed by Shimadzu’s Nobel Prize winner, Koichi Tanaka, who won the award for pioneering MS analyses of biological macromolecules in 2002.

Shimadzu will also provide training to the forensic scientists on high-end functions of these sophisticated instruments so as to fully harness their technological advances in accordance with the practices and safety precautions recommended by Shimadzu. Exhaustive application support would also be provided by Shimadzu as part of the MoU.

Dr Michael Tay, Senior Consultant Forensic Scientist of The Forensic Experts Group said “We share a longstanding, mutually beneficial relationship with Shimadzu over the past 2 decades. Shimadzu and the forensic scientists of The Forensic Experts Group have worked together on numerous occasions. Thus, it is natural that we strengthen our ties further with the signing of this MoU. Shimadzu’s state-of-the-art analytical instruments have played a key role in empowering us to maximize forensic evidence in the pursuit of truth. We hope that this joint program significantly improves the awareness of forensic science in the region.”

Mr Kiminobu Imura, the Managing Director of the 25-year-old Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, said that, “In Shimadzu we follow the philosophy of “Contributing to the Society through Science and Technology”. Signing of this MoU with The Forensic Experts Group reiterates our commitment to that philosophy. Given the prevalence of crime in today’s world it becomes imperative that every organization contributes towards enhancing the awareness in forensic and other associated sciences. This is our way to contribute.”

Ms Lim Chin Chin, Senior Consultant Forensic Scientist of The Forensic Experts Group said “Although forensic science is often closely identified with law enforcement and crime, its uses extend to civil cases and many industrial and commercial investigations. Unlike in USA and Europe, there are fewer private forensic practitioners in the Asia Pacific region. These practitioners often work alone in specialised disciplines of forensic science. Clients, especially lawyers, have often lamented the lack of comprehensive, private forensic expertise in this region. The Forensic Experts Group strives to harness its wide-ranging expertise in forensic science to meet their needs holistically, and to serve a larger market in Singapore and beyond.”

Mr Prem Anand, Senior General Manager, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, which operates across 18 countries in APAC, highlighted that, “Surging crime rates, rising number of terrorist attacks and a stronger role of forensic sciences in bringing suspects to book are creating the need for increased adoption of forensic technologies and services. An increasingly security-conscious society, dramatic changes in the national security policies of countries along with modern technology innovations are constantly fueling the growth of the forensic market in the region. Although the global market for forensic technology and services is being dominated by government bodies, private organisations like The Forensic Experts Group are emerging as the new super heroes. Shimadzu is here to support them in making this world a better place by supporting them through Excellence in Science.”

About The Forensic Experts Group

The Forensic Experts Group is a team of accomplished forensic scientists who are combining their decades of specialised knowledge, unique experience and skillsets to make professional forensic science accessible to all, regardless of which side of the courtroom they sit on. Their mandate is to use objective scientific evidence to bring the Truth to Light.

This private and independent one-stop centre provides a comprehensive suite of forensic services in Singapore and beyond to meet various needs of clients in terms of Consultancy, Research, Analysis, Training and Education. The Forensic Experts Group’s wide-ranging expertise in forensic services include trace evidence, counterfeit drugs, illicit drugs, toxicology, unknown chemicals and materials, fires and explosions, firearms and tool marks, shoeprints and impressions, questioned documents, bloodstain patterns, scene analysis and reconstruction, scientific simulations.

About Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) is a subsidiary and the Asian headquarter of Shimadzu Corporation, which was founded in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan. The subsidiary was established in 1989 in Singapore as a distribution centre providing analytical solutions, scientific equipment, testing machines, balances and medical equipment to a wide range of laboratories. A fast paced growth of business in the region has seen the opening of 3 subsidiaries in India, Malaysia and the Philippines with application specialists, technical and sales engineers spreading across 18 countries throughout the region including, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Brunei. Additionally, the company operates via a wide and carefully selected network of local distributors in every country in the region.

The company's instruments are relied upon by researchers all across Asia from large multinational organisations to local academic research universities and a long list of local, state and central laboratories. Through adoption of scientific inventions and cutting-edge technologies, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) provides its corporate clients with the highest quality in product standards and delivers excellent customer support services in accordance with its motto - ‘Excellence in Science’.


Mr Kiminobu Imura, MD, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd (sitting, left) and Ms Lim Chin Chin, Senior Consultant Forensic Scientist, The Forensic Experts Group, Singapore (sitting, right) sign an MoU to launch their co-operation in training projects to enhance forensic science awareness in APAC.

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