Emeritus Professor Lee Hian Kee of National University of Singapore (NUS), becomes first-ever honouree of the Shimadzu Mentorship Programme, an initiative by Shimadzu Asia Pacific

Emeritus Professor Lee Hian Kee, a world-renowned scientist in the sample preparation field, and former head of the Department of Chemistry at the National University of Singapore (NUS), was felicitated for his lifelong Contributions to Society through Science and Technology, at an event organised by Shimadzu Asia Pacific. The programme will recognise outstanding scientists who have made a mark in their research internationally. Prof Lee has been chosen as the first-ever Mentor of the Shimadzu Mentorship Programme – Because Mentors Matter.  

Felicitation of Prof Lee by Mr Prem Anand, Executive Officer & Senior General Manager, Shimadzu Asia Pacific (on left) & Mr Tanigaki Tetsuya, Managing Director, Shimadzu Asia Pacific (on right)


Crystal Plaque presented to Prof Lee

Singapore; 26th August 2021: Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd has become the first company in the analytical instruments industry to launch a Programme to recognise and honour the lifelong contributions made by stalwarts and leaders from various organizations, industries and domains. These leaders, who have helped transform Science and Technology not only in Asia Pacific but also across the world, will be honourees of the Shimadzu Mentorship Programme henceforth. 

The Shimadzu Mentorship Programme, whose tagline is Because Mentors Matter, was launched at a special phygital (physical + digital) felicitation event organised to honour National University of Singapore (NUS) Emeritus Professor Lee Hian Kee. Prof Lee, who is a world-renowned scientist in the sample preparation field, and former head of the Department of Chemistry at the National University of Singapore (NUS), has been chosen as the first honouree of the programme.

The Shimadzu Mentorship Programme is an initiative started by Shimadzu Asia Pacific to celebrate eminent professionals and let them know that the community cares and appreciates them by extolling their lifelong journeys in making this world a better place. The Programme also aims to continuously strengthen the Mentors’ connections with, and reach out to, the scientific community. Shimadzu Asia Pacific and its Mentorship Programme will also act as a platform for Mentors to engage, advise and connect with students and provide mentorship. While this initiative will currently cover the Asia Pacific region, there are plans to make this a global initiative in the near future. 


Prof Lee’s former students joining the event physically in Shimadzu Asia Pacific office (with social distancing)


Prof Lee’s former students joining the event (even from overseas) via online broadcast 

Prof Lee while interacting with his former students and colleagues at the event from Singapore and overseas, reminisced about his links with Shimadzu, “My association with Shimadzu dates back to the mid-1980s, when the classic LC-6 HPLC pump was used by my students. However, it was in 1996 that my formal collaboration with Shimadzu started with the United Nations University programme on the monitoring of persistent organic pollutants in Asia’s coastal hydrosphere. I was the national project coordinator for Singapore over the 23 years of the programme. I met many Shimadzu scientists and administrators during numerous trips to Japan and elsewhere during that time. Shimadzu was the biggest contributor to that programme, providing much-needed instrumental and technological support.” 

He further said, “I am grateful to Shimadzu for all the support over the years and also for having me now as a part of the Shimadzu Mentorship Programme. I look forward to continuing to help and mentor students and to contribute further to the advancement of analytical and environmental sciences. I hope that we can nurture and develop the next generation of scientists under the Shimadzu Mentorship Programme.”  


Prof Lee addressing the attendees


Prof Lee receives applause from the attendees 

Prof Lee, whose illustrious career in NUS spread four decades, has been one of the key collaborators of Shimadzu globally, leading various projects on miniaturiseed sample preparation for water analysis, including the UNU programme mentioned earlier. He was one of the global scientists invited as Thought Leaders to the Shimadzu Global Innovation Summit in Kyoto, Japan, in 2017.

“We believe that as the leading science and technology company in the world, it is our utmost duty to further strengthen our Mentors’ belongingness and bonds with the scientific community especially after their retirement. The Shimadzu Mentorship Programme is a reiteration of that belief and philosophy,” highlighted Mr Prem Anand, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific), Singapore. 

He further added that, “It is our absolute honour to felicitate Prof Lee and have him as the first-ever Mentor of the Programme. Prof Lee's numerous prestigious accolades and his seminal research papers in world-famous journals, are a testament of his Excellence in Science. I have personally known Prof Lee for the past 25 years. Shimadzu Asia Pacific has also been home to several other of Prof Lee’s students over the years. He is one of the most renowned scientists, teacher and mentor, not only in Singapore but also in Asia Pacific and across the world. We could not have wished for a more eminent individual to join the Shimadzu Mentorship Programme.” 


Ms Cynthia Lahey, Assistant Manager, Centre for Application Solutions (CAS), Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) – former student of Prof Lee - MC of the event


Mr Prem Anand, Executive Officer & Senior General Manager, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) - former student of Prof Lee – delivers the Shimadzu appreciation speech


Mr Tanigaki Tetsuya, Managing Director, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) delivers his appreciation speech

Mr Tanigaki Tetsuya, Managing Director, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific), Singapore, highlighted that, “Shimadzu is honoured to felicitate a dignitary of such calibre and stature like Prof Lee, in recognition of his lifelong contributions that have helped transform the Science and Technology landscape. I have met and interacted with Prof Lee on various occasions in Shimadzu and I have every time been captivated by his simplicity and charisma. Prof Lee has always been an integral part of Shimadzu's heart and soul. Shimadzu will always be indebted and grateful to Prof Lee for all his help and support. We really look forward to continuing to collaborate with him in the future as part of the Shimadzu Mentorship Programme.”


Group photo - All thumbs up for Prof Lee


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