Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023

Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023

The First-Ever Summit In The Halal World

Shimadzu (Asia Pacific), together with Brawijaya University and Ditek Jaya, proudly organized the Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit, the first-ever Summit that brought together halal authorities, industry leaders, and scientists to address the latest developments and challenges in the halal landscape.

The Summit's theme revolved around “Developing the World Halal Ecosystem”, highlighting the exploration of halal authentication techniques, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital technology. As the market for halal ingredients continues to expand, together with the fast-growing demands, the Summit provided a timely and comprehensive discussion on shaping the future of the halal industry.

Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) is fully dedicated to delivering the best value for our customers by promptly responding to the evolving demands and contributing towards a World Halal Ecosystem.


Insightful Discussion into Advancing Halal Ecosystem  

We were honoured to host six distinguished speakers across three plenary sessions to deep dive into the topic. During the presentations, these esteemed individuals provided valuable insights into the most recent halal regulations, updated testing methods, and the future development of the halal ecosystem, which added immense value for the audience to understand the current needs in the industry. 

One of the key highlights of the Summit was the active participation of the audience during the Q&A sessions following each presentation. This dynamic interaction and thought-provoking discussion showcased the genuine interest and relevance of the topics discussed. The exchange of scientific insights during these sessions also underscored the collective commitment to developing robust and reliable testing methods for halal compliance.


Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Q&A Discussions 01

Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Q&A Discussions 02

Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Q&A Discussions 03

Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Q&A Discussions 04

Shimadzu is proud to share our Total Solutions for Food Safety and Halal Integrity Testing, as well as our intuitive method packages designed to simplify the analysis work. We were thrilled by the overwhelming support and enthusiastic participation from the attendees, and we are also thankful for the tremendous interest shown in Shimadzu’s solutions. The high energy and engagement displayed were truly inspiring.


Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Presentation 01

Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Presentation 02

Exclusive Laboratory Tour Supported by Shimadzu's Leading Technologies

After concluding the plenary sessions, the attendees had the opportunity to engage in various activities, including the Poster Session, Expo Session, and the highly anticipated Laboratory Tour at Brawijaya University's ISO-17025 Certified Halal Testing Lab.

During the tour, the attendees were introduced to the outstanding capabilities of Shimadzu's state-of-the-art instruments such as GC-FID, LCMS/MS, LC, and ICP. These instruments, equipped with Shimadzu’s leading-edge technologies, can generate high-quality data with exceptional robustness and reliability, all while ensuring high throughput, thus enabling greater support for halal testing.


Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Tour 01

Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit 2023 Tour 02

Celebrating Event Success with Customers’ Testimonials  

The resounding success of the 1st Asia Halal Summit was made possible by the invaluable contributions of the esteemed speakers and the dynamic energy from the attendees. Hear what our customers have to say about the event:

Mr Mohd Noor Noramin

"I greatly appreciate Shimadzu for their efforts in organizing this Summit for sharing knowledge and technological expertise. With Shimadzu’s expertise and efforts, they have been instrumental in sharing advanced technologies and solutions for Halal Science. Shimadzu, you are the best. Keep going, and I am keen to collaborate. We can work together towards integrating Halal Science into the Halal certification process.

- Mr Mohd Noor Noramin, Chairman of Global Haltech

Dr. Mary Jane Almahdi

“I would like to congratulate Shimadzu for this great initiative. The organization and timing of this event have been exceptional, and the VIP treatment provided to us has been truly appreciated. The topics covered by the speakers have been helpful, and I believe this is a good starting point for all the role players in the Halal system. Shimadzu plays a very big role in maintaining the integrity of the halal products in the market. The Laboratory Tour also provided a first-hand experience of Shimadzu's leading technologies, which will play a pivotal role in verification and validation processes to detect the non-halal components in products. Shimadzu 1st Asia Halal Summit is 10 out of 10!”

- Dr. Mary Jane Alvero PhD, MBA, BSChEDr., Group Chief Executive Officer of PRIME Group

Dr. Wuttiphan Natthaphon

“This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this topic and how to get Halal certification. As Halal practices are not widely known in Thailand and my understanding was limited, this conference has been informative in providing valuable insights into our future steps and the necessary instruments for establishing a Halal lab. I give this Summit 10 out of 10! I look forward to participating in the Shimadzu Summit again.”

- Dr. Wuttiphan Natthaphon, Director of NSTDA Characterization and Testing Service Center (NCTC)

Dr. Surjani Wonorahardjo & Dr. Suharti

“The event has been incredibly beneficial and inspiring, especially in terms of method development. It covers a wide range of topics from Halal perspectives, legal aspects, regulations, analysis techniques, and instrumentation, all into a single event. We think the GC and LCMS solutions showcased by Shimadzu have high potential and offer very powerful capabilities. We are interested in looking into these solutions and also the use of infrared in Halal testing."

- Dr. Surjani Wonorahardjo, PhD, Lab MMM, FMIPA, Universitas Negeri Malang (left), Dr. Suharti, S.Pd.,M.Si., Universitas Negeri Malang (right)

Dr.Yuni Kilawati

“This is the first-ever Summit to discuss Halal ecosystem in Indonesia, and I hope the event can become an annual program to deliver a positive impact year after year for everyone. Shimadzu's technologies are important, as we seek easy and user-friendly methods that provide accurate results within a short time. Shimadzu’s leading instruments can give the best method for halal authentication. We feel very happy and very glad for this event – it has been satisfying.”

- Dr.Yuni Kilawati, S.Pi.,M.Si, Head of Central Laboratory of Life Sciences, Brawijaya University

Ms Indriyanti, Widyaratna

“This is such a great event! As a Muslim, it is important to understand the Halal ecosystem in Indonesia, encompassing everything from food to pharmaceutical products and more. The event has provided me with valuable experiences and insights into the identification and authentication processes for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the Laboratory Tour was also truly inspiring. We hope to do the same and establish a Halal centre in our university since we also use Shimadzu instruments. Lastly, I can't wait for Shimadzu 2nd Asia Halal Summit, and I hope that Shimadzu will continue to inspire people with their instruments and solutions.”

- Ms Indriyanti, Widyaratna, Universitas Darussalam Gontor

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