Shimadzu 9th Global Pharma Summit 2023

Shimadzu 9th Global Pharma Summit 2023

Advancing AI-Powered Pharma

Shimadzu 9th Global Pharma Summit 2023 Opening

On 23 November 2023, the Shimadzu 9th Global Pharma Summit 2023 commenced with an overwhelming attendance of more than 200 attendees, making it the biggest Shimadzu event yet. The Summit, centered around the theme “AI-Powered Pharma”, presents a focused exploration into the transformative dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry. The theme is especially relevant in today’s context, considering that the pharmaceutical industry not only holds the position as the second-largest industry at 1.5 trillion USD, but it is also currently undergoing a profound transformation catalyzed by the primary disruptor – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Shimadzu’s Flagship Summit Since 2007

The genesis of Shimadzu Global Summits can be traced back to 2007 when the voices of our customers echoed a need for a unified platform to enable the pharmaceutical community to exchange insights into the industry’s latest trends. Shimadzu heeded this call, laying the foundation for what has evolved into the premiere biennial event – the Shimadzu 9th Global Pharma Summit, a testament to 16 years of steadfast commitment.

Over 16 years, we have curated a platform that has hosted over 120 distinguished speakers and welcomed over 3,500 participants from across 25 countries. More than just an event, the Shimadzu Global Pharma Summits have emerged as the central force and powerhouse for key opinion leaders and experts to share, network, and discuss the ever-evolving trends shaping the pharmaceutical landscape.

Shimadzu World Lab Network: Towards Sustainable Pharma

World Lab Network Signing Ceremony

The vision of Shimadzu’s World Lab Network is to unite all of Shimadzu’s collaborative laboratories globally, offering a platform for our key opinion leaders to connect, collaborate, and contribute to driving global innovations.

A total of 6 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) were present to be part of the Shimadzu “World Lab Network For Sustainable Pharma” Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony. This includes Indoco Remedies Ltd, Biopharmaceutical Characterization Laboratory (King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi), Cephas Lifesciences, GVS Cibatech Pvt Ltd, PeptiStar Inc and Mascot Health Series Private Limited.

The Transformative Potential of AI

During the Summit, distinguished speakers and experts from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Philippines, India, and China delivered a series of compelling presentations. Focused on three key segments—Drug Discovery, Pharma 4.0, and Digital Transformation—these sessions explored how AI can address the longstanding challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Following these insightful presentations, a thought-provoking panel discussion ensued, delving into current trends, challenges, and strategies for navigating towards AI-powered Pharma.

In The Spotlight: Shimadzu Living Laboratory

Living Lab Showcase

As we delve into AI-Powered Pharma, it is imperative to showcase Shimadzu’s AI-driven innovations, particularly the Shimadzu Living Laboratory. This is the first AI-assisted automation laboratory to integrate the leading hardware and all-encompassing software, creating a future-proof laboratory for Analytical Transformation. We were delighted to invite key customers on stage to provide deeper insights into the advanced digital capabilities of the Living Laboratory to create a Thriving Shimadzu ecosystem.

The Synergistic Innovation Towards Shimadzu Advanced Healthcare

The Summit also featured Shimadzu’s first interactive display, offering an AI-driven portrayal of healthcare solutions for different parts of the human body. As the only technology company in the world to have Synergistic innovations between Analytical Instruments and Medical Systems, Shimadzu takes pride in presenting this futuristic display to showcase our healthcare solutions. Check out our participants having fun with the unique brand experience!

Advance Healthcare Simulation Booth Showcase 01

Advance Healthcare Simulation Booth Showcase 02

First-Hand Experience Of Shimadzu’s Technologies At The Lab Tour

The following day of the Shimadzu 9th Global Pharma Summit saw our VIP delegates being invited to an exclusive Laboratory Tour. This unique opportunity offered an in-depth understanding of how Shimadzu’s advanced technologies can deliver comprehensive End-to-End Pharma Solutions. 

The workflow stations include: 

  • Total Impurities (Residual Solvent & EG/DEG)
  • Trace Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug Discovery Purification Solution
  • Advancing Pharma Quality 
  • Total MS Solutions for Nitrosamines and NDSRIs
  • Biopharma Workflow
  • Stay Compliant With Informatics Solutions

Celebrating Event Success With Our Valued Customers

Shimadzu 9th Global Pharma Summit 2023 Group Photo

As a global leader, Shimadzu is committed to delivering cutting-edge innovations, pioneering proprietary technologies, and providing the best Customer Experience. We express our gratitude to the over 200 attendees who joined us at the Summit, contributing to the creation of fond memories and the deepening of connections with our valued customers. Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to the speakers and panellists for their invaluable insights, which added depth to our discussions on AI-Powered Pharma.
A big thank you to everyone for making the event a grand success!

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