The Highly Anticipated Launch of UFMS Future Lab

On 19th – 20th September, Shimadzu launched the first-ever UFMS Future Lab, which leverages its proprietary Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS) technologies. In the highly successful launch across 2 days, over 100 customers graced the event at the Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) office, followed by an exciting line-up of program to showcase UFMS capabilities.

The UFMS Future Lab was exclusively designed not only to deliver ultra-fast capabilities but also to enhance the customer experience (CX) by offering support anytime and anywhere. One of the key highlights of the UFMS Future Lab is the utilization of Digital Twin technology, which turns the physical space into an immersive 3D environment. This transformation enables virtual walkthroughs, which brings remote training and CX to a new level.

From Left to Right:
Shumei Matoba, Dr. Natthaphon Wuttiphan, Harita Vasireddi, Prem Anand

From Left to Right:
Shumei Matoba, Dr. Lim Tze Peng, May Ong, Prem Anand

To ensure that the UFMS Future Lab remains future-ready, it is also powered by Shimadzu Living Laboratory and incorporates Sustainability through the Shimadzu Eco-Products Plus, which aligns with Shimadzu’s Eco-First Commitments. This approach not only positions the laboratory as an invaluable platform but also opens the door to collaborative opportunities.

The UFMS Future Lab's ability to provide high-quality analysis at ultra-fast speed, combined with live support and future-ready initiatives, represents the ultimate value offered to customers.

Firsthand Experience at UFMS Future Lab Tour

Following the high-energy launch, the EXPERT team led the UFMS Lab Tour to provide a comprehensive exploration of the UFMS capabilities. During the tour, customers were introduced to Shimadzu's extensive product portfolio, including the LCMS, GCMS, GC-TOF, QTOF, iMScope QT, and MALDI-Imaging. We were thrilled to see that right after the engaging tour, customers engaged directly with the EXPERT team for further discussions regarding their specific products of interest. This interactive session enabled an in-depth understanding of Shimadzu's state-of-the-art technologies and their practical applications.

A Deep Dive into UFMS Capabilities With Insightful Presentations

Simultaneously, the event offered a series of action-packed presentations. The EXPERT team took the stage to elaborate on the value proposition of the UFMS Future Lab, shedding light on how Shimadzu's technologies and dedication to providing the best CX can enable customers to innovate and advance science forward.

We were also honoured to host esteemed guest speakers who shared their invaluable perspectives on strategic partnerships with Shimadzu. These collaborative successes spanned across a multitude of applications, showcasing the breadth and depth of Shimadzu's contributions to diverse industries.

UFMS Lab Launch Speakers

The presentations were not only informative but also thought-provoking, sparking discussions and allowing the customers to explore new possibilities and possible collaboration opportunities. This multifaceted event not only showcased Shimadzu's cutting-edge technologies but also fostered an environment of knowledge exchange and networking among the Shimadzu team and the customers.



Thoughts on UFMS: Hear From Our Customers

Balakrishnan Duraisamy

We use Shimadzu's UFMS instruments for food development and testing, specifically for pesticide analysis, ethylene oxides, PCB, PAH, etc for routine analysis. The sensitivity, reproducibility, and repeatability are very good for LCMS-8050. Looking ahead, with the live support from the UFMS Future Lab, we expect to receive better responses and better service support.

- Balakrishnan Duraisamy, CEO of NAWaL Analytical Laboratories

Maricar Blanche Carandang & Ursela Guce Bigol

We are glad to be here! It is definitely a valuable opportunity for us to see the different instruments linked together in the laboratory. We hope to have the same laboratory in our future Virology and Vaccine Institute of the Philippines (VIP). We look forward to future collaboration opportunities with the Shimadzu Team.

- Maricar Blanche Carandang, Senior Science Research Specialist and Ursela Guce Bigol, Supervising Science Research Specialist of Department of Science and Technology, VIP

Govind Dagdu Shinde

Considering the customer’s needs and future needs, this knowledge (through live support) will definitely get transferred, and once the knowledge transferred, it will definitely get adopted by people, which is the (purpose) of UFMS Future Lab. This is one of the best events, and I have seen the whole Shimadzu team with lot eagerness, welcoming us as customers. Thanks for inviting us; it was a good session!

- Govind Dagdu Shinde, Deputy General Manager (DGM) of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Watch the Launch Event Video

Discover Our UFMS Future Lab

The UFMS Future Lab stands on the solid foundation of UFMS technologies that goes back to 2008. The UFMS technologies were a game-changer that has since evolved into an indispensable tool, especially in the face of mounting pressure to meet tight deadlines and high-throughput demands.

The UFMS Future Lab was hence intentionally designed to deliver ultra-speed and the finest Customer Experience, all while being equipped with future-proof strategies.

Learn how our UFMS Future Lab delivers the best value for the customers.

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