Brevis™ GC Features

Compact without Compromise

Space-saving yet expandable design

Space-saving yet Expandable Design

The compact Brevis GC, with a 350 mm system width, including an auto-injector (AOC™-30i), makes even more use of lab space. Compared to the flagship Nexis™ GC-2030, the system's width has been reduced by approximately 35 %. At the same time, it is possible to connect additional headspace samplers, a mass spectrometer, and other accessories (available soon), providing the scalability to cover the analytical needs of today's GC/GCMS users.

Sufficient GC Oven Size

Sufficient GC Oven Size

Despite its space-saving design, this GC oven does not require a dedicated column, and up to two general capillary columns can be used. 

Remote Display

Remote Display

Even without a monitor on the Brevis GC, you can use the GC Remote Display installed on a PC or tablet to monitor the device status and perform operations.

Note: Only one Remote Display can be connected to a single GC at a time.
Connection Method: LAN / USB cable.

Compact and Easy to Maintain

Compact and easy to maintain

① One-touch Inlet Maintenance
The injection port can be opened or closed without tools by simply sliding the ClickTek™ Nut lever. Replace the insert, slide the lever, and feel the click to ensure leak-free performance.

② Fast Inlet Maintenance, Easy sTop
Clicking the Maint. (Maintenance) button on the GC front will start lowering the temperature of the GC inlet and oven, and stop the gas supply automatically*. After maintenance of the inlet, clicking the button again will return the instrument to standby after an automatic leak check. Routine maintenance procedures can be further simplified.

Note: Disabling the automatic gas supply shutdown to protect the MS detector is possible.

Fast Inlet Maintenance, Easy sTop

③ Tool-less Column Installation
The ClickTek makes column attachment a one-touch operation. A noticeable clicking sensation signals a secure column connection, putting the user at ease.

Note: The ClickTek connector is optional.


Less Energy and Gas Consumption

ECO Design
The Brevis GC consumes 30 % less power than conventional GCs. It also minimizes helium usage and supports operations with alternative carrier gases. High-performance insulating materials and a smaller oven have eliminated heat loss. As a result, the Brevis GC achieves about a 30 % reduction in power consumption during analysis compared to conventional GCs.

ECO Design

Comparison of power consumption on a GC run cycle.
*Comparisons were made under the following analytical conditions.SPL: 270℃, FID: 270℃, Oven: 50℃ → (10℃/min)→250℃(10min Hold)→(Cooling)→50℃
*The amount of electricity consumed will vary depending on the laboratory environment.

Safer and Even Faster Analysis with H2 Gas

High-speed analysis of impurities in benzene using hydrogen carrier gas

The Brevis GC can be equipped with a hydrogen sensor. Not only does it enable early detection of potential leaks in the oven and maintain a safe standby mode, but if a hydrogen leak occurs, it turns off the main power to prevent an accident. In addition, the GC main unit has an automatic carrier gas leak check function that supports the use of hydrogen carrier gas. Furthermore, a gas selector* can switch the carrier gas to nitrogen after an analysis has been completed to enhance safety. Hydrogen carrier gas enables fast analysis (application example above) and maximizes throughput in the laboratory.

* Hydrogen sensor and gas selector are options.

Built-in Analytical Intelligence

Automatic Remote Operation

Automatic Remote Operation

With Remote Display and LabSolutions™ Direct, GC systems can be accessed from anywhere with a smart device or a PC, dramatically improving the analysis workflow and enabling new ways of working.

Automating the Procedures of Experienced Analysts, Clean Pilot

Automating the Procedures of Experienced Analysts, Clean Pilot

Baselines can be unstable during GC startup. The Clean Pilot feature provides quick and efficient automatic conditioning to provide stable analytical results while reducing the burden on laboratory personnel.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Please contact us to check the availability of these products in your country.

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