AGX-V2 Series Options

The New Software

TRAPEZIUMX-V Operation Software for Material Testing

TRAPEZIUMX-V for Windows 10 provides a number of easy-to-use features, such as a data search function, condition setting through a visual wizard, and a quick condition list where you can select test conditions directly from the start-up screen. You can easily create a variety of test conditions, from simple test controls to controls with complicated patterns.

Ensuring High Accuracy Measurements of Strengthened Materials

Higher accuracy testing control is required when testing materials being strengthened for the purpose of reducing the weight of transportation equipment. The combination of AGX-V2’s high response real-time autotuning function with the external noise-resistant AEH-3HR automatic extensometer functions effectively in strain rate tests as per the ISO 6892 metallic materials test standards. Additionally, for aging tests in which characteristic values are calculated based on two sets of test results, the functions built into the TRAPEZIUMX-V software reduce the number of calculations performed manually.

AEH-3HR High-Accuracy Automatic Extensometer

AEH-3HR High-Accuracy Automatic Extensometer

This ISO 9513 Class 1 compatible extensometer can measure elongation across a full range of tests, from measuring the modulus of elasticity to the breaking elongation. In combination with the AGX-V2 series machine, this high-resolution extensometer is compatible with the ISO 6892 strain control requirements.

HFG Hydraulic Flat Grips

HFG Hydraulic Flat Grips (100 kN, 300 kN, 600 kN)

These hydraulic flat grips provide high rigidity and a stable grip force. Opening or closing the grips and changing the grip force can be performed from the smart controller. They are equipped with a sample attachment guide and, in addition, a specially designed hydraulic power source has been adopted, which saves energy through intermittent operation.

MWG Manual Non-Shift Wedge Grips

With these manual grips, turn the handle to grasp the sample. These are popular, cost-effective grips. By replacing the grip teeth, they can accommodate not only flat sheets of material, but also tests of rods.

DT Differential Transformer Extensometer

This extensometer is used for strain measurements of metals, hard plastics, and other samples with comparatively small elongation. In combination with the AGX-V2 series, it is compatible with electric calibration, which improves user friendliness.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Please contact us to check the availability of these products in your country.

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