Slide mould cap system is adopted. Sample can be installed a Space saving design. nd removed easily and safely.




  • CPU Control Full-Automatic Hydraulic System
  • Space-saving desk type, lightweight compact body.
  • The running time is greatly shortened by quick heating and quick cooling.
  • Fully-automatic one cycle (pressurizing, heating and cooling) operation.
  • PreciMount series has the Adjustable Cooling Function which helps to make perfect condition of moulding sample with Thermoplastic resin (Lucite) and Thermosetting resin (Bakelite).
Design / Structure Bench Top Type/ Solid Aluminum Frame+Hard-Coated FRP Cover
Machine Top Mould Cap Back & Forth Slide & Flip Motion Type Mould Fasten Cap: 
Convenient Interchangeable Mould Cap and Easy Cleaning.
Bore and Mould Size of Cylinder Standard: ø50 mm Base Cylinder + Additional Cylinder OPTION: 
ø25, 30, 32, 40 mm, 11/2" (38.1 mm)
Pressure Method Adjustable Setting between 0 to 14500 psi (0 to 1000 bar) by 10 psi.
Set value is kept by automatic control while a sample is being made.
Adjustable Setting between 1200 to 4500 psi (82 to 310 bar) by 10 psi.
Set value is kept by automatic control while a sample is being made.
Heating Time 0 to 59 min. (set by 30 sec.) 0 to 99min. (set by 1 min.)
Heating Temperature Setting
(Selectable C and F)
0 to 200°C (set by 1°C) / 
32 to 392°F (set by 1°F)
50 to 200°C (set by 1°C) / 
122 to 392 °F (set by 5 °F)
Heater Capacity 1800 W
Cooling Time Cool-down Time according to Preset Cylinder Temperature (0 to 200°C/ 32 to 392°F).
External Water Supply Min. Pressure of Water Supply: 2 L/ min. 
Through 2 Hoses connected to Taps on Rear of Machine
Separate Type
Coolant Tank
Rust-Prevention Type Coolant Tank with Radiator: 
Tank Capacity: 30 L/ Pressure of Water Supply: 4 L/ min. (OPTION)
Sample Number in
One Time Operation
ø25, 30, 32, 38.1, 40 mm: Max 2 pcs ø25, 30, 32, 38.1, 40 mm: Max 1 pcs
Control Panel Color LCD Touch Panel Operation and Display LED
Pressure Setting, Pressurizing Time, Heating Temperature and Cooling Temperature
Machine Dimensions W 475 × D 620 × H 635 mm W 410 × D 600 × H 500 mm
Weight of Machine / Cooling Device Machine: 83 kg/ 
Cooling Device: 30 kg (OPTION)
Machine: 94 kg/ 
Cooling Device: 30 kg (OPTION)
Power Supply 1P AC100 or AC200 to 240 V/ 50, 60 Hz: Changeable
Standard Accessories Mould Removing Oil: 1 btl/ Phenol Resin: 1 btl (500 g) / 
Spoon: 1 pc/ Funnel: 1 pc/ Tweezer: 1 pc/
Coolant Supply Hose: 2 m × 2 pcs/ Accessory Box: 1 pc

* Shimadzu reserves right to change product design without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Please contact us to check the availability of these products in your country.

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