Technology Meets Sustainability

  • Technology Meets Sustainability

Creating A Green And Living Laboratory

Shimadzu’s Eco-Products Plus reduces energy usage, saves time on energy-intensive tasks, and minimizes downtime to lower the cost of analysis. These certified models deliver outstanding high environmental performance. Specifically, they achieve at least 25% reduction in at least one of the following criteria compared to the previous models:

Shimadzu's Eco-Product Plus Benefits

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Our Eco-Product Plus For Your Needs

Shimadzu is dedicated to providing solutions to customers across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, medical care, and more. Our products are developed and manufactured with a focus on reducing environmental impact.



- Advanced i-Series
- Nexera
- LCMS-2050
- AP-AD Series



- Nexis GC-2030
- GCMS-TQ8050 NX

Chemical and Materials

Chemical and Materials

- IRSpirit
- UV-1900i



- TOC-L Series
- ICPMS-2030



- EDX-7200/8100





Material Testing and Non-Destructive Inspection Systems

Material Testing and NDI Systems

- ECU1/ECU2 Series
- SMX-1010/1020
- XSeeker 8000

Medical Care

Medical Care

- Trinias Series Unity Edition
- Elmammo Avant Class

Explore our Eco-Products Plus and discover how they can help you reduce your environmental footprint (and save costs) while maintaining high-quality data and superior efficiency. By incorporating these eco-friendly solutions into your laboratory operations, you can contribute to sustainable science without compromising performance.

Embrace sustainability today and unlock the potential for a greener tomorrow. Learn about our solutions today.

Hear From Our Customers

Shimadzu & 800 Super Living Lab Partnership

800 Super is an environmental solution provider dedicated to promoting sustainable waste management practices in Singapore. With a broad range of environmental services such as waste management and waste treatment, cleaning and conservancy, and horticultural services, 800 Super is a front-runner in the waste management business.

“Shimadzu's Eco-Product Plus is an excellent example of corporate responsibility and sustainability leadership. By developing and promoting environmentally friendly products and practices, Shimadzu is setting a positive example for other companies to follow. The Eco-Product Plus label is also a clear and transparent way to communicate the environmental performance of Shimadzu's products, and I believe this will be a key factor in driving the adoption of sustainable products in the industry. I look forward to continuing collaborating with Shimadzu and other partners to advance sustainability in science and create a more sustainable future for all."

- Tang Song Chye, Senior Operation Manager of 800 Super

Our Continuous Eco-First Commitment

Eco-First Commitment

In 2020, Shimadzu was designated as an 'Eco-First Company' by the Minister of the Environment in Japan. This is the first time in the precision equipment industry that a company received such an honour, making it a major milestone for Shimadzu in its efforts on environmental conservation measures.

In addition to the esteemed recognition, Shimadzu also adopts a global commitment through the participation in worldwide initiatives such as the RE100, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and Science Based Targets (SBT), as part of our continuous effort to Contributing to Society through Science and Technology.

Shimadzu participation in worldwide initiatives

CO2 Emission Graph

With these Eco-Product Plus, Shimadzu has successfully reduced CO2 emissions generated at customer operations by 55,166 tons in FY2021. This underscores Shimadzu Group’s commitment to continually minimize our impact on global environment. We will continue to supply and invest in developing products that contribute to mitigating or accommodating climate change. By FY2030, we aim to reduce the CO2 emissions from the products by more than 30%, against our 2020 baseline.

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