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In-Depth Laboratory Training Courses For Scientists and Researchers

Shimadzu Academy provides comprehensive laboratory training courses carefully crafted to inform, educate and train laboratory professionals into experts. Our 87 courses introduce participants to a diverse range of in-demand skill sets, including the fundamentals, instrumentation, advanced techniques, calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance. This can help equip students with in-depth expertise for both straightforward and complex laboratory work.

Depending on your course of choice, topics covered can include LC/LCMS, GC/GCMS, Spectro (UV/IR/RF), ICP/ICPMS, Life Science, and more. On top of our routine instrument-based courses, Shimadzu Academy also offers specialized training programs that address the latest trends and emerging applications in the contemporary scientific landscape.

Shimadzu is committed to ensuring users are well-equipped with the necessary laboratory skills to accelerate science.

- Customers: A Standardised Customer-Focused Instrumentation and Application Training
- Trainers: A Qualified Certification System to Ensure Consistent Quality in Training

Currently, Shimadzu Academy consists of 8 academies across the region, including Singapore, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

Our Training Programs

Shimadzu Academy

The strategic expansion of Shimadzu Academy aims to deliver high quality customer experience (CX), whenever and wherever our customers need it.

Shimadzu Academy encourages training-based collaboration training courses and enables laboratory users to upskill for higher productivity and efficiency. Our lessons are all-encompassing aim to boost the capabilities of laboratory users by fortifying and deepening their skill sets.

By joining our training programs, you can receive top-quality and standardized training, get access to in-depth insights as well as tips and tricks to laboratory work - This includes sample preparation, optimization, and data analysis to achieve accurate and robust results.

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Shimadzu Academy On-site Training

On-Site Training

Shimadzu Academy offers on-site theoretical and practical sessions for larger teams. Familiarize, refine or upgrade the capabilities of your team with pre-defined or customized courses that can be tailored to your requirements. We have both beginner-friendly and higher level courses to suit teams with different skill levels.

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Shimadzu Academy In-House Training

In-House Training

Immerse in the engaging hands-on learning experience within our curated laboratory setting. Users will have the opportunity to engage in complete end-to-end workflow solutions and utilize instruments, equipment and facilities for training. Find out how our in-house training can effectively help you level up and boost your productivity at work.

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Shimadzu Academy Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Transcend beyond geographic boundaries and learn without borders with Shimadzu Academy's live online training. With our Digital Transformation (DX) experience, education can take place right in the comfort of your home in a hassle-free, real-time, and interactive manner. Discover how the operation, maintenance, calibration, validation of instruments can be performed and much more in a guided virtual environment.

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Digital Laboratories

On-Demand e-Learning

As busy as our work schedules may be, prioritizing lifelong learning remains essential. Browse through our extensive collection of on-demand e-training courses to reach your full potential in the laboratory. Learn anytime and anywhere with Shimadzu Academy's self-paced laboratory training program. 

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Our Course Categories

Shimadzu offers a wide spectrum of both on-site and online laboratory training courses spanning various categories. Taught by the experts, our classes deliver practical and actionable knowledge, covering principles, application solutions, operations, and more, catering to a broad audience from lab technicians to scientists, researchers and professionals.

LC/LCMS Training

LC/LCMS training courses provide in-depth instruction on Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC series, including principles and operation of Nexera UHPLC with LabSolutions, method development, and troubleshooting of HPLC and UHPLC. Participants will also learn about the operation and maintenance of Single Quadrupole LCMS-2050, Triple Quadrupole LCMS-8045/8050/8060NX as well as LCMS-9030/9050 – Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (QTOF) System with LabSolutions Insight software. Sample Preparation and Method Development are also available in some training courses.

LC/LCMS training courses offer hands-on experience with the instruments and aim to enhance participants' knowledge and skills for LC and LCMS.

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GC/GCMS Training

GC/GCMS training courses cover the fundamental principles, operation, and maintenance of GC-FID with Labsolutions and GC-MS with GCMSsolution, data processing using LabSolutions Insight for GC-MS and GC-MS/MS. Participants will also learn about sample preparation and method development to optimize analysis.

In addition, the courses include other related training courses such as Principles and Operation of EGA/PY-3030D Pyrolyzer and AS-1020E Auto-Shot Sampler. These courses provide hands-on experience with the corresponding instruments and aim to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in GC/GCMS analysis.

For more details, download our training brochure.

Spectroscopy Training

Spectroscopy training courses teach the principles and operation of various spectroscopy techniques, including UV-VIS spectroscopy for UV-1900i/2600i, FTIR for IRTracer-100/IRXross/IRAffinity-1S/IRSpirit with LabSolutions IR, inductively coupled plasma for ICPE-9800 Series, AA-7000 Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for ICPMS-2030, software operation of TOC-L Series Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, and DSC-60 Plus Differential Scanning Calorimeter.

These courses cover the fundamental principles of each technique and provide hands-on experience and help participants master their operation and interpretation of results.

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Shimadzu Academy

Shimadzu Academy was launched recently with the aim of delivering a high-quality customer experience (CX) through a standardized instrument training program. As a knowledge-creating company, Shimadzu aims to provide customers with top-notch training solutions and skill up the competency of trainers across the Asia Pacific region. This will ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for customers, thereby taking CX to the next level.

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