GC-MS technology is commonly used for flavor and fragrance analyses, and searching a library of GC-MS spectra is convenient for identifying unknown components. However, similarities in the mass spectra of some fragrant compounds makes identification challenging. Performing analysis using Shimadzu GC-MS enables obtaining mass spectra with similarities close to those registered in the library. The FFNSC 4 library contains retention indexes using three types of columns as well as mass spectra. Shimadzu’s GCMSsolution library search, utilizing the retention index, provides highly accurate identification results and makes it ideally suited for flavor and fragrance analysis.


Register Compounds 4,030 flavor and fragrances compounds
Registered Retention Indexes Non-polar column (SLB®-5ms)
Highly-polar column (SUPELCOWAX® 10)
Non-polar column (Equity®-1)
Registered Information Mass spectrum, Retention index for each column, CAS number, compound name, molecular weight, compositional formula
Applicable models GCMS-QP series and GCMS TQ series (single-quad mode only; does not include MS/MS spectra)

Filtering with Retention Index

Since flavor and fragrance components sometimes contain compounds having similar chemical structures, multiple compounds with similar mass spectra are listed as candidates when performing a library search using only the mass spectrum. Filtering with the retention index sorts the candidates by retention index, thereby providing highly accurate identification results.

More Information about Linear Retention Indices 

Multi-Column Compatible

All of the column retention indexes can be confirmed at the same time, which assists in close investigation of identification results.

Various System Configurations

Through a choice of modules, detectors, components and accessories, dedicated application-specific GC-MS solutions are adjusted to the goal of a certain analytical task. Users can be sure to contribute to consumers and patients as well as environmental protection.



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