Shimadzu 8th Global Pharma Summit

Captivating Presentations From Industry Experts

Digitalization in Pharma: is it a promise, an opportunity, or a challenge?

Dr. Katalin Ganzler
Analytical Consultant Development Directorate
Gedeon Richter Plc., Hungary

Digitalization may be a welcoming change for the pharmaceutical industry to relieve the growing challenges such as supply chain complexity, cost, regulatory pressure, and more. With the accelerating rise of digital technologies today, the pharmaceutical industry is set to transform to gain a stronger competitive edge. Stay tuned as Dr Katalin weighs in on this topic!

Digital Transformation of Drug Discovery

Dr. Muralidhararao Bagadi
Senior Group Leader
Biocon BMS R&D Center (BBRC), Syngene International Ltd., India

Gear up for the digital transformation in Drug Discovery! Dr. Muralidhararao will cover a comprehensive range of aspects in this topic, such as LC method development, metabolomics workflow, the use of deep-learning technologies in analysis, and more. You will gain many valuable takeaways from this presentation. Don't miss out!

“iFactory” Project

Dr. Nagatoshi Koumura
Team Leader
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan

As continuous manufacturing becomes the rising trend in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Koumura will be sharing how it can become a reality at a commercial scale through the iFactory project. The future of lower cost, higher productivity, and better product quality may be near soon – find out more about “iFactory” on 19th Nov 2021!

Future of Drug Discovery

Dr. Narayanan Balaji
Principal Scientist
Jubilant Biosys Limited, India

Dr. Narayanan is highly experienced in analytical method development to Drug Discovery. On 19th Nov 2021, you will learn more about high-throughput screening strategies, the use of machine learning tools for better data-driven decisions, and digitalization technologies to translate data into discoveries!

Advanced Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing Enabled by QC Lab-on-a-Cart

Dr. Eric Fang
Chief Scientific Officer
Snapdragon Chemistry, Inc., USA

With Dr. Fang's highly skilled background and solid expertise, he has been actively developing innovative technologies in continuous manufacturing. Get ready to be inspired as Dr. Fang will bring us through the impressive concept of QC Lab-On-a-Cart to enable real-time analysis for autonomous reaction optimization and reaction monitoring.

Advancement in Vaccine Manufacturing

Dr. Wenli Hou
Vice President
Chengdu Kanghua Biological Products Co. Ltd., China

Dr. Hou specializes in the R&D and the production of biological products. During the Pharma Summit, get access to crucial industry insights to realize the future of Vaccine Manufacturing. Particularly, Dr. Hou will be sharing how technological advancements in incubation and purification processes can make a difference in producing vaccines with high safety, efficacy, and purity.

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